Rug Cleaning

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Let Your Rug Shine Again

WE only provide hand-wash service to clean your rugs. No other method than hand-wash can fully remove all dirt, soil, stains, and bacteria from your rug.  So, why should you settle for less?
WE only use naturally-derived, sustainable cleaners that does not harm the natural material and dyes used in your carpet, neither does it harm you, your children, or your pets.
WE professionally pick up and deliver your rug FREE OF CHARGE.
WE have been professionally cleaning rugs and carpets since 1968. We know how to get that stain out. Rest assured, your carpet is in good hands.

Drop off your rug at our store and receive a 10% "cash and carry" discount or call us now to schedule our pickup and delivery service.

 Call Now! (703) 448-1818